I had some people asking me about my TOU. So here it goes.

My stuff is strictly for personal use only, No Commercial use allowed (unless other wise stated) !! All of my scraps, templates, etc are  tagger sized.
 Do NOT redistribute anything from my blog through other sites, groups, etc, or any file sharing sites !!!
                                                      If u want to share plz share my blog link !!
 Tutorial writers your more than welcome to use my stuff in your tuts but plz send everyone to my blog to download !!Please do not change my file-names or claim them as your own !!

 My stuff can be used for challenges on your sites, but please direct people here to download !!
Please make sure to use your own file hosting site when using previews (No hot-linking) !!!

              I love seeing what people create using my stuff, u can email me at 

                                                        Thank u, Hugs                                                                     
                                                         ♥ Cris   ♥                                         


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