About my kits

Hello there,the other day I was looking around at some site & I read a comment from a very good designer, Bel. She was saying how hard it is to find stuff that allows frebbies. So, I started thinking: I purchased so many elements, grab bags etc. When I'm getting them I see that it is ok for CU. I use them on my kits, but it never crossed my mind that maybe it was not ok for frebbies. So I wrote to all the designers that I bought stuff from and I asked them that question. Some said it is ok, but you can't use more than 2 or 3 items. Others say it is NOT ok. Only if it is merged together. In a QP, most of the ladies were very nice. So until I have everthing fixed, I have removed some of the kits. Slowly I will bring them back.
I just do not want my anti stress to become a stress later on, LOL. ;]

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